Doug Jones mail piece: Possibly worst ever?

Doug Jones Mailer A

Ready for a weird confession: I love campaign mail. I collect it. I judge each piece giving them about 20 times the time the average voter would. I thought I’d seen everything the good, the bad, the flat out ugly (one anti-Jones this cycle was on that list).

Then I saw the mailer Doug Jones sent out. I had to search to find the back side but when I did I found the piece to be more perplexing. Jones said that the piece speaks for itself. Which is what has left me stumped for days: what it says is downright offensive.

Doug Jones Mailer A
Front side of mail piece.
Doug Jones Mailer B
Back side of mail piece.

Take the front side text without images (though that image, wow).

“Think if a black man went after high school girls anyone would try to make him a senator?”

“Roy Moore has lower standards and still comes up short.”

What does that say to you? What does this tell you about Jones’ standards for black men or respect for blacks in general?

Rarely am I left speechless, but this mail piece — and the fact that someone thought it up, someone designed it and Jones approved — it is just crazy. Voters regardless of race should be race should be treated better than Jones has treated blacks in this election. He has repeatedly made clear that he needs and wants the black vote but as many have said he hasn’t done much to show he deserves it and worse is taking for granted that he needs to earn their vote with policy positions to motivate and excite them.

“I get that it’s widely understood that there’s as WBHM explained, “apathy and divide among black voters,” but this isn’t the way to fix that.


  1. I’m afraid you’re missing the point, which is that we would absolutely treat a black candidate far more harshly for the same past. It’s not pretty, but very honest about the way Alabama politics works.

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