Florida Governor Rick Scott and Disney celebrate UCF as National Champions


Rick Scott Proclamation

I graduated from Florida State University (FSU). My freshman year was 1999 a year they went undefeated; a pretty good football year for my school. Safe to say I’m a big college football fan. I loved the sense of pride in teams that happens in Alabama. My best friend throughout college at FSU was an University of Alabama fan so naturally they quickly became my second team at the time and after I moved to Alabama. I write this not as an Alabama fan so much as a realist.
Still I’m a Florida girl at heart and grew up just east of the University of Central Florida (UCF). It’s been great watching that school grow and develop over the last 15 years. Who would have thought they’d one day be the talk of the town as in the running for National Football Champions.
But nice try UCF fans, coaches and players,also Governor Rick Scott. There’s no asterisk next to a national title, and the University of Alabama won theirs against the University of Georgia last night.
Enjoy your great season! Celebrate your victories over incredible teams. Just remember that next year will bring another season and a chance to actually win a title.
As one ESPN writer said of the teams Disney celebration,

Just listen to those lyrics now …

“A dream is a wish your heart makes, and a championship is a title your AD takes.”

UCF parade

UCF celebrates self-proclaimed national title at Disney World on the eve of the College Football Playoff final. [Photo Credit: Jacob Langston]


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