Alabama legislative preview: Day 7 – Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Alabama State Capitol

Here is what state legislators have on their plate Tuesday:

House: Convenes Tuesday at 1:00 p.m.

For the first time this legislative session, the Rules Committee has put forth a resolution for a special order calendar. Upon the adoption of their resolution on Tuesday, the business they set below “shall be the special and paramount order of business for the 7th legislative day taking precedence over the regular order of business or any pending or unfinished business.”

SB17: Alabama Family Trust Corporation, compliance with federal Social Security law and rules, provisions for successor life beneficiary deleted, disbursement of remainder including reimbursement for medical assistance, trust not to affect Medicaid appropriations.

  • Sponsored by Alabaster-Republican state Sen. Cam Ward and

SB98: Ad valorem taxes, co. commission authorized to reduce for projects under Ala. Jobs Act, Sec. 40-7-25.4 added

  • Sponsored by Decatur-Republican state Senator Arhur Orr and Athen-Republican state Rep. Danny Crawford

HB198: Alabama Assistance and Service Animal Integrity in Housing Act, documentation to be provided to landlord for exception, offenses of misrepresentation of entitlement to an assistance animal or service animal and misrepresentation of an animal as an assistance animal or service animal created as misdemeanors.

  • Sponsored by Montevallo-Republican state Rep. Matt Fridy 

HB105: Emergency responders, certified peer support member, certain communications priviledged, criminal penalties for violation

  • Sponsored by state Rep. Lee

HB9: Youth sports, unpaid and volunteer youth athletics assoc. personnel to complete a youth injury mitigation course annually

  • Sponsored by Birmingham-Republican state Rep. Jack “J.D.” Williams 

HB26: Would make it illegal to smoke a tobacco product in a motor vehicle — whether in motion or at 24 rest — when anyone under 18 is also present. The penalty for violating the law would be a $100 fine.

  • Sponsored by Birmingham-Democrat state Rep. Rolanda Hollis

HB10: Alabama Public Transportation Trust Fund, established, ADECA required to administer trust fund; Public Transportation Trust Fund Advisory Committee, created.

  • Sponsored by Birmingham-Republican state Rep. Jack “J.D.” Williams 

HB66: Mayors, legislative functions in cities/towns with 12,000 or more but less than 25,000 inhabitants, authorized to continue operating as a city or town with less than 12,000 inhabitants by majority vote of council and mayor under certain conditions, veto power restricted, Secs. 11-43-2, 11-43-3, 11-43-40, 11-45-4, 11-45-5 am’d.

  • Sponsored by Moody-Republican state Rep. Jim Hill

HB164: Tax Exemption Reform Act, grace period to obtain or renew certificate of exemption from Dept. of Revenue for united appeal fund entities and supported charities provided through Sept. 30, 2018, Sec. 40-9-12.1added

  • Sponsored by Trussville-Republican state Rep. Danny Garrett

HB170: Workforce Council, membership revised, regional workforce development councils, membership qualifications revised, Secs. 41- 29-290, 41-29-291, 41-29-300 am’d.

  • Sponsored by Brewton-Republican state Rep. Alan Baker

HB53: Environment, Alabama Legacy for Environmental Research Trust, abolished, Sec. 22-30B-19 repealed

  • Sponsored by Sylacauga-Republican state Rep. Ronald Johnson

HB69: Competitive Bid law, purchase and installation of heating and air conditioning units for local boards of education, exempted when bid pursuant to purchasing cooperative and process approved by Dept. of Examiners of Public Accounts, Secs. 39-1-5, 39-2-2 am’d.

  • Sponsored by Hayden-Republican state Rep. David Standridge

HB40: Gas, natural gas, conversion of motor vehicles for operating on compressed natural or liquefied gas, extended weight allowances, Sec. 32-9-20 am’d.

  • Sponsored by Fayette-Republican state Rep. Kyle South

HB106: Court reporters, state salary tied to pay scale of Alabama Personnel Dept. Pay Plan for state employees, subject to cost-of-living and merit raises, provide pay for court reporter returning to state service, provide salary of supernumerary court reporters, Secs. 12- 17-274, 12-17-292 am’d.

  • Sponsored by Dothan-Republican state Rep. Paul Lee

HB151: Taxation, two-year surety bond required with new or renewal sales tax license registration and certain non-compliant licenses, Sec. 40-23-6 am’d.

  • Sponsored by Sylacauga-Republican state Rep. Ronald Johnson

HB194: Palliative and end of life individual health plans, authorized to provide health care and other directives to health care providers, schools, etc. for terminally ill minors, Alex Hoover Act, Secs. 22- 8A-15 to 22-8A-18, inclusive, added; Secs. 22-8A-2, 22-8A-3, 22-8A-7 am’d.

  • Sponsored by Brierfield-Republican state Rep. April Weaver

Senate: Convenes Tuesday at 2:00 p.m.

The Alabama Senate has not yet released a proposed special order calendar. This post will be updated once one has been released.