Only one acceptable answer for lawmakers on daycare bill: Pass it.

day care kids

On Tuesday, the Alabama House committee on Children and Senior Advocacy voted unanimously to apply day care standards to all day cares rather than exempting out religious exemptions.

I’ve written about this previously and want to take the time to day to say that it took real courage and backbone for Republican members to stand up and do the right thing in spite of the opponents of this bill arguing against big government.

The fact is, protecting children is never wrong. We are the party of life. We are the party of personal responsibility. Childcare is a responsibility that comes with life and death consequences and that should not be taken lightly or be ignored.

If protecting a life means additional paperwork and additional site visits for a church group to prove they are keeping children safe then I’m all for it and truly anyone who calls themselves pro-life should be too.

Making the place these vulnerable tiny humans spend their days , and in some cases the sometimes the majority of their time, as safe as possible is not wrong.

There is a time and place for conservatives and libertarians to shout at big government regulation and too much oversight. But this isn’t one of them.

The government has very few actual responsibilities, but among them is taking care of those who don’t have a voice.

I urge and plead with the representatives in the Alabama House and Senate to do what’s right by the children even if it means facing those you agree with 99% of the time and telling them on this you just disagree.