A new project: Conservatives for Better Leadership

Alabama capitol

When I first got into politics, following state and federal policy, in 2000 the mood seemed more collegial even amongst those who worked across the aisle. There was the historic Bush v. Gore campaign and yet our nation didn’t seem as divided even then as it is now. Optimism, rather than anger and fear, drove most days and though politics has never been a place full of saints corruption didn’t seem to be a regular occurrence. Those days seem very far ago but I don’t think they have to remain behind us forever.

It’s true in Alabama that many of our conservative leaders have failed us in recent years. Around the country, people see a deep red state that elects conservatives who govern accordingly. Over the last several years the Montgomery establishment has put Alabama in a state of crisis, with ethics scandals, corruption, attempts at tax increases and wasteful spending.

We thought the era of big and corrupt government championed by disgraced Governor Robert Bentley was over, but we can’t rest easy yet, Gov. Kay Ivey has spoken in favor of more tax increases and has yet to make a clean break with the Bentley Administration and his many appointees to state government. These misdeeds and mishaps by our state leaders have are not only embarrassing to us on the national stage – they represent a threat to job creation, economic growth and traditional values.

Conservatives for Better Leadership_LogoWe must stand for strong, consistent conservative leadership. Which is why I have joined with several other conservatives to form Conservatives for Better Leadership (CBL). Our goal is to hold Alabama’s leadership to a higher standard than has been on display in recent years and give the people of Alabama the leaders they deserve. Our goal is to keep them honest! The promises they made on the campaign trail are how we expect them to legislate and govern.

Also, we can’t forget those who are doing right. Not everyone in our state is corrupt. There have been champions for the taxpayers in Montgomery and we can’t forget them. We will fight big government while also touting what works and who is keeping their word.

There are 3 main policy ares that Conservatives for Better Leadership will be looking at:

  • Cronyism and Corruption: Draining the Montgomery swamp
  • Taxes Increases and Wasteful Spending: Opposing proposals that will cost taxpayers money and looking for ways to stop the wasteful spending that many have gotten used to
  • Infrastructure investments that make sense: We need to prioritize our road and growth projects by need not by who is owed political favors or has better connections.


The failure of conservatives to lead on these issues have plagued taxpayers and businesses for too long. It is time for you and I to demand a change.

It all starts with better leadership.

It’s going to be an uphill battle to change the way business as usual is done but we have to start somewhere and we have to start today. Let’s restore Alabama’s reputation and its economy, and ensure it’s a place our families want to live for generations to come.