Do you have unclaimed property? Find out if the state owes you.

unclaimed money

Every year in the State of Alabama, unclaimed and abandoned assets are surrendered to the unclaimed property division of the State Treasurer’s office. The Alabama Treasury department is then in charge of distributing these assets to their rightful owners.

The assets come from financial institutions and businesses that have closed or lost contact with the owners of the property. They can be in the form of stocks, bonds, valuables for safety deposit box, cash or insurance benefits.

State Treasurer Young Boozer wants everyone in the state to search for their unclaimed property.

To find your unclaimed property simply click this link to navigate to the unclaimed property website and enter your info as shown below:

The site will provide you with the most up-to-date properties available for claim as soon as reports are received and reconciled.

According to the State Treasury website over $125 has been paid in over the past five years and they endeavor to make the process move as quickly as possible for those making claims, on average taking six to eight weeks.