Gulf Shores rolls out new access mat, makes beach more accessible

New Access Mat to Gulf Shores Beaches (Photo Via City of Gulf Shores Facebook Page)

The City of Gulf Shores officials want everyone to be able to enjoy the beach, no matter their mobility restrictions.

On Thursday, the city of Gulf Shores announced on their Facebook the newest addition to their beach, a new Access Mat to the West End of Gulf Place Public Beach.

You asked, we listened! The City of #GulfShores is excited to announce the addition of an Access Mat to the West End of Gulf Place Public Beach. This pedestrian pathway will make the beach more accessible for beach goers of all ability, elderly people, wheelchair users and parents with strollers.

The mat will give beach access to people of all ability, including: elderly people, those with wheelchairs, power scooters, and families with strollers.

The access mat was made by a company in New Jersey, it’s five feet wide, made of plastic, and held into the ground with 12 inch stakes. The 350-foot mat has already been used by hundreds of beach goers who said that using it made it much easier to get to the beach.

This is the first time a mat like this has ever been available on the Baldwin County beaches, and with the positive reactions thy’ve received, Gulf Shores plans to add more mats along the shoreline in the near future.