Racial profiling at traffic stops bill stalls yet again in State House

traffic stop

The Alabama House of Representatives failed to vote on legislation that would have required police officers to collect data about race and traffic stops.

The bill sought to require law enforcement agencies statewide to record data about the race and ethnicity of stopped motorists. The Alabama Senate had unanimously approved the measure, but the bill has continued to hit roadblocks in House, despite the measure being among the the session’s top priority for African-American lawmakers.

The bill was scheduled on both Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s special order agendas, but has yet to be taken up for debate.

House Speaker Mac McCutcheon said it is not on the schedule for Thursday.


  1. Folks, officer collecting data points about someone during a stop is in itself not racial profiling. It is collecting data to ensure profiling based on race or whatever is NOT being done. The data will be used to build a better police department. Actual data is the only way to identify when improper actions are being seen. Again, who is pushing to avoid collecting data, the police. Why, could it be that if data indicates “profiling” and a suit happens, the department can lose funds. If no data to prove something, its conjecture and virtually useless.
    Another case of follow the money. Check out who is behind the resistance to collecting the data and why. Seems rather cut and dry to me. I would want to see full disclosure on a routine basis. Not keep it in the shadows. This is not a “undue burden” to collect and report. Its about the data it may show and the money that may be withheld.

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