Edward Bowser accepts position with Randall Woodfin administration

Edward Bowser
Edward Bowser [Photo Credit: Big Communications]

Former AL.com employee and current Content Creator at Big Communications, Edward Bowser on Thursday took to social media to announce that he has accepted a position with Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin‘s administration.

He will be working on the Mayor’s mayor’s public information team in order to provide greater transparency regarding initiatives coming out of City Hall and into the Birmingham community.

Bowser posted the news on Facebook that he “had planned to share the news over the weekend but since my DMs are poppin and my texts are blowing up I figured I’d break the news here and now.”

Bowser posted:

I’m honored to announce that I’ve accepted a position with Mayor Randall Woodfin’s administration – starting Monday I’ll be joining the mayor’s public information team. My goal will be to provide greater transparency regarding initiatives coming out of city hall and into our communities. It’s no secret that I’m very passionate about pushing our city forward and ensuring that all of us – from the smallest to the largest of our 99 communities – has a voice. I’m here to be that bullhorn. Thanks to Mayor Woodfin for trusting me with this very crucial role and thanks to all of you for the years of support and encouragement.

We all have the same goal, a better Birmingham. I’m grateful to help make that a reality.