Gubernatorial hopeful Bill Hightower releases medical records, calls opponents to do same

Bill Hightower

Gubernatorial hopeful, State Sen Bill Hightower (R-Mobile), released his medical records Friday, calling on his fellow candidates for Governor of Alabama to do likewise.

Hightower’s personal physician in Mobile, Ala. writes that the 58-year-old Hightower is in “excellent physical health.” Dr. Gamil S. Dawood says Hightower “has undergone a number of tests resulting in acceptable/normal ranges.” Among the tests mentioned were a routine colonoscopy, a cardiac calcium scan, a cardiolite Myocardial Perfusion Exercise stress Test, and blood panel.

“These tests did not indicate or raise any concerns about Mr. Hightower’s health,” Dr. Dawood concluded.

Hightower said he’s releasing his records because he believes the job of a Governor is “is a physically demanding role and there is much work to do.”

“I am releasing my medical records because I believe the voters of Alabama have a right to know that the candidates they are voting for not only have the right experience and vision, but the physical ability to lead,” said Hightower. “The job of Governor is a physically demanding role and there is much work to do. It is critical that our next Governor has the stamina to meet the needs of the people of this state, and I urge my fellow candidates to join me in providing the voters with the information necessary for them to make a decision this June.”

View Hightower’s medical records below: