Kay Ivey stands up for Mobile teacher who was to change ‘just pray’ t-shirt

Kay Ivey_Just Pray teacher

On Wednesday Gov. Kay Ivey stood up in defense of  a Mobile, Ala. teacher who was asked to change shirts after showing up to school with a “just pray” t-shirt last Monday.

Last week Chris Burrell picked out a shirt to wear to teacher to class that had “just pray” on it. She had bought the shirt to help raise funds for Aubreigh Nicholes — a young girl from Semmes, Ala. who was diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, a rare and inoperable brain tumor, in September of 2017. Burrell said she chose to wear the shirt because her students were testing that day and it was her “Monday feel good shirt.”

Nevertheless the school’s principal didn’t approve of the shirt and asked Burrell to change it.

Ivey says she doesn’t agree with the decision.

“Religious liberty is a cornerstone of the freedoms we enjoy in our country,” Ivey said in a statement. “For a teacher to be disallowed from wearing a shirt that exhorts others to pray, especially for a child suffering from terminal cancer, is simply unacceptable.”

She continued, “The right to express one’s religious beliefs, including prayer which was often invoked by George Washington himself, is not lost when one enters the schoolhouse door. I am committed to protecting religious freedom for everyone, including our teachers and school children.”


  1. Thank you gov Ivey for supporting our first amendment right! Hopefully the school administrator understands “We the people”.

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