Arrest warrant issued for Selma city councilman charged with public lewdness

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An arrest warrant was issued on Thursday for a Selma city councilman.

Samuel Randolph
Samuel Randolph

Councilman Samuel Randolph, who represents the city’s Ward 5, is being charged with public lewdness according to Selma Police Chief Spencer Collier.

WFSA reports, “In Randolph’s case, the charges stem from an April 1 incident on Broad Street in which several narcotics officers were on a surveillance detail when they observed the councilman stop his vehicle. The officers reported Randolph then got out of the car, appeared to expose himself, relieve himself, and urinate in public.”

Authorities are now urging the councilman to turn himself in and face the Class C misdemeanor charge, which Collier says can carry a sentence of up to a year in jail.

“We are not talking about a murder here or a serious assault however we are talking about something that shocks the conscience. I have children. I don’t want my children driving down the road and seeing a grown men relieving themselves on the side of the road,” Collier told WFSA.


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