From Roseanne to Jim Bonner why don’t people think before they post?


Enough already with the racist, sexist, otherwise insanely offensive social media posts. It’s not funny and in fact it’s down right inexcusable.

We need to get past the types of messages and memes that have become common place in recent years. It seems that they’re coming at us from every angle.

Here in Alabama we have Public Service Commission candidate Jim Bonner who has come under fire for some of his Facebook posts. To which he has laughed off as simply being a reflection of his sense of humor. For the record, I have a sense of humor and I’m harder to offend than most but even I can tell you that Hitler and the Holocaust are never funny. Nor are jokes about sexual assault and if you need to be told that then there’s no place for you in civil society let alone elected to a statewide board.

Jim Bonner Facebook post.
Jim Bonner Facebook post.
Jim Bonner Facebook post.


Jim Bonner Facebook post.
Jim Bonner Facebook post.

Then you have Roseanne‘s racist tweet. Which she blamed on taking the sleeping medication ambien. The response by the network to her offensive posts was swift and firm – her recently rebooted show was cancelled.

Roseanne tweet
Roseanne’s tweet in question.

For Rosanne being offensive is part of her brand but even she should have known there are lines you don’t cross and racist remarks are among them. There are a number of “stars” from Bill Mahr to Joy Reid and Whoopie Goldberg who have made a name for themselves by pushing the boundaries of decency.

The definition of decency is not politically biased. There are people on both sides who should be shouted down when they say things that are out of bounds. In our day and age the line isn’t even just drawn at offensive we’ve come to accept sentiments that we may not agree with but there’s just parts of offensive behavior that society won’t take. The line shouldn’t depend on intended audience. You’re missing the point if you make this about “Democrats being more offensive than Republicans” or vice-versa. Or to address Bonner again, it’s not enough to say “you have lost your sense of humor if you don’t find this funny.”

While, I do genuinely believe that people often misinterpret things or take things too personally, there’s merit to a lot of the content being called out online as of late. There’s also a standard that has been lowered in recent years. President Donald Trump himself challenged the standards of acceptable behavior from a candidate and then after he won from an elected official and while I appreciate his methods of communication I do believe that the change isn’t only positive and the precedent he’s set with his tone have lowered the bar for civil discourse.

There should be a higher level of a decorum. A higher standard. People should conduct themselves in a less offensive way.

We live in a very polarizing, divisive time right now. We cannot and will not improve that if we do not draw the line, and every single time that someone crosses it (regardless of political affiliation or race) call them out to make then understand that society doesn’t accept what they’re doing or saying. Enough people!

Think before you post and if you can’t help yourself you have no business in a position of influence.