Ala. Supreme Court ruling declaring unborn baby a ‘person’ attracts attention of Dr. James Dobson

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Earlier this month, the Alabama Supreme Court unanimously issued an opinion upholding the death penalty for double murder for a man who shot and killed his pregnant wife and their unborn child. The baby in utero was only 6-to-8 weeks old, making this ruling a first in the nation to uphold the “personhood” of an unborn baby.

The historic decision in the case of Jessie Livell Phillips v. State of Alabama has since caught the attention of Dr. James Dobson, founder of the James Dobson Family Institute — an organization dedicated to preserving the biblical institutions of marriage and family by encouraging, inspiring, supporting, and leading parents and children to build their lives on God’s Word.

“I am truly encouraged by the Alabama Supreme Court’s opinion, which powerfully affirms the humanity of the unborn in the eyes of the law,” Dobson said of the court’s decision. “In this tragic instance, by ruling that the murder of a pregnant women is a double homicide, God has truly done as the scriptures say: what was intended for evil…God intended for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”

Following the court’s ruling, Justice Tom Parker wrote a special concurrence calling on the U.S. Supreme Court to repeal Roe v. Wade.

Dobson called Parker’s concurrence “powerful” saying it has “given a voice to so many.”

“In his powerful concurrence, Justice Parker has given voice to so many of us who are devoted to defending the lives of the unborn by making a declarative legal argument for why the scourge of Roe v. Wade must, once and for all, be repealed by the U.S. Supreme Court. I encourage everyone to read his powerful argument for themselves, and take heart as we all continue to be a voice for life,” said Dobson.