The full text of Alabama Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth’s 2019 inaugural speech

Will Ainsworth
Will Ainsworth [Photo via @jeff_poor on Twitter]

Will Ainsworth took the oath of office Monday afternoon, that officially marked the beginning of his term as the state’s lieutenant governor.

Read Ainsworth’s prepared remarks for his inauguration speech on the Capitol steps below:

Gov. Ivey, constitutional officers, legislators, and my fellow Alabamians.

Let me begin my remarks by expressing some deeply felt and sincerely expressed words of thanks.

I would not stand here today without the support of my parents, Billy and Sharon Ainsworth, who taught me important life lessons, showed me faith by example, and continue to give me their unconditional love.

My wife, Kendall has stood by my side, been my biggest supporter, and has shown tremendous grace and class. We are fortunate to have three great children…Hunter, Hays and Addie.  They embody the words in Psalms 127:3 that read “Children are a blessing from the Lord..”.

The more than one million Alabamians who used their votes to express their faith in our vision have our everlasting thanks, and I pledge to work everyday to earn the trust and confidence of those who supported my opponent.  

The campaign is over, the ballots have been cast, and now is the time for us to come together as proud and united Alabamians who are dedicated to making an already great state even better.

Today we gather at the literal crossroads of history in the shadows of two buildings – one that gave birth to the Civil War and another that launched the Civil Rights Movement.

For much of Alabama’s existence, the rest of the country has viewed us through the prism of these two events.

And while it is right for us to recognize our history, we must not settle for being defined solely by our past.

In this 200th year of Alabama’s founding let us resolve to give the nation a fuller, more vibrant, and well-defined view of who we are as a state and a people.

Let us work to be known as the state that leads the U.S. in job creation and economic development because our citizens possess a work ethic second to none and our workforce development efforts provide an army of job ready applicants.

Let us work to be known as a state that demands excellence in the classroom and is willing to take the steps necessary to provide a world-class public education system.

Our “First Class” Pre-K program already leads the nation and provides a model that other states are following, so we should resolve to top every measure in our K-12, post secondary, and four-year offerings, as well.

Let us work to be known as a state whose government is as hardworking, honest, and effective as the citizens it seeks to serve.

We must no longer accept corruption as a natural by-product of public service, and we must punish those who violate the public trust from the local courthouse to the Alabama State House.

If all of us in the shadow of this magnificent dome dedicate ourselves to achieving these high standards, our children, our grandchildren, and their grandchildren after them will look back and say that this was the moment that Alabama turned a corner and began the journey to reaching its full potential.

This was the moment that we embraced Alabama’s future as well as its past.

This was the moment that dawned a New Day in Alabama.
With your continuing prayers and support, I know we can make Alabama an even better place for all of its people to live, work, and worship.

May God bless each of you and may God bless our beloved state of Alabama.