Terry Lathan announces re-election bid for third term as ALGOP Chair

Terry Lathan
ALGOP Chairman Terry Lathan [Photo Credit: ALGOP Facebook]
Seeking her third term in office,Alabama Republican Party Chairman Terry Lathan announced her plans to run for a third term.
“It is with humility and excitement that I announce I am running for a third term as chairman of the Alabama Republican Party. It has been a true honor and privilege to serve the ALGOP as state chair. During the four years I have been chairman, we have seen historic gains electing Republicans,” said Lathan.
Below are a few items Lathan is “exceptionally proud” that highlight her and her team’s accomplishments in the 2018 election cycle:
  • Another record-breaking general election: a statewide officer sweep, additional seats in the Alabama legislature with 71 Democrat to Republican seats flipped resulting in devastating defeat of the so called ‘Blue Wave’ in Alabama
  • Raising over $1.188 million that fully funded our campaign plan and annual Party needs
  • Funding and executing a seamless successful 2018 general election plan
  • Added races expanding our base plan which produced big wins
  • Defending and growing GOP seats in 29 counties that had head-to-head races with Democrats
  • Maintained an aggressive year-round social media footprint to push our Party content and messaging
“After forty-two years as a GOP volunteer, I still stand on our Party’s platform, values and foundation of conservative beliefs. That will never change. Elected officials, opinions and situations may change, but my lifelong commitment to Republican principles will never yield,” Lathan continued.
“I will continue to reject the perception that politics gives people a ‘free pass’ to lower the bar of integrity and am determined that it is raised for all who serve in the public arena. Service in the political realm should demand the highest standard of behavior and principles. Perfection is not attainable, but personal behavior choices and honorable actions are.”
Lathan is a native of Mobile, Alabama where she lives with her husband, Jerry. They have two adult children. She is a former public school teacher and has been volunteering with the Republican Party for over 40 years. She has served as Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party since February 2015, making her the longest serving female ALGOP state chairman. If re-elected will be the longest serving chair since 1985.