ALGOP welcomes two former Democrat elected officials with open arms

Escambia County GOP
Pictured from left to right: Thad Moore, Jr., Escambia County Chairman Jackie Gay and John Robert Fountain

The Escambia County Republican Executive Committee recently welcomed two former Democrat elected officials to the ALGOP: Circuit Clerk John Robert Fountain and Tax Assessor Thad Moore, Jr.

Jackie Gay, Escambia County GOP Chairman, made the following statement regarding the new Party members:

β€œWe look forward to working with Mr. Fountain and Mr. Moore as we continue to advance conservative policies and principles. Both men display professionalism in their offices and are active in community service. We are happy to have both of these conservatives join our Party.”

Alabama Republican Party Chairman Terry Lathan took to social media to welcome to former Democrats with open arms to the state party.

Two more county Dems switch to the GOP in Alabama in Escambia County! πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ½ More walking away from the party of resistance, obstruction and left wing policies ,” Lathan tweeted.

Later, in a statement, she added to her thoughts.

β€œWe are delighted to welcome Mr. Fountain and Mr. Moore to the Alabama Republican Party team. It is clear the policies of our Party are working to better the lives of Alabamians and those on the opposite side of the aisle are taking notice,” said Lathan. “Mr. Fountain and Mr. Moore are among the large numbers of Democrats who have walked away from the liberal policies of the Democrat Party. We welcome all who share our Party’s principles and values. We are proud that 67% of all partisan elected officials in Alabama are Republicans.”