Message to legislators: ‘The jig is up’

Alabama State House

It’s official, the jig is up. We now know that the Alabama Legislature has the ability to fast-track legislation that’s important to them. The question is, why haven’t they passed meaningful ethics reform? You know, closing the gaps that caused trouble for former House Speaker Mike Hubbard and strengthening it? Why haven’t they addressed holes in gapping holes in our states transparency laws?

Why are the things that matter most sitting on the back-burner, meanwhile taxes were rushed through like the bridges and roads were literally falling down around us and a few more weeks of discussion would mean hundreds of thousands would die. That’s the sense of urgency in which they took on the tax bill.

I am writing this post to say, you’ve shown you have the ability to fast-track things when you so desire, let’s use that power for good instead of evil.

First, when you get back next week how about looking for some offsets to make amends in a small way for the increases you just passed. Alabama Policy Institute has a few if you’re looking for somewhere to start: Grocery taxes.

Here’s a list of priorities, just in case you missed them last time:

  1. Offset the tax increase you just passed and do it quickly
  2. Increased transparency and give teeth to current open records laws
  3. Pass meaningful ethics reform with no loopholes and no room for misinterpretation or claims of it
  4. Fiscal accountability. And not just some watered-down version of some legislation that says we’ll hold you accountable. But rather legislation that limits what you can spend money on and includes cost-savings measure that provide. Let’s get creative and spend what we have better.
  5. Let’s get rid of the red-tape and the regulations that cost Alabamians jobs. Let’s look at cutting cumbersome occupational licensing and fees.

You’ve shown that you can get things done in a hurry. Show us that you still have a pulse on the conservative principles you talked about during your campaigns.