Jim Ziegler is right – if everyone uses their time & voice wisely you can win

Image via Sher Graham‎ on the Block the Mobile Bayway Toll Facebook Page

People are angry! People are fed up! They’re disgusted with the excuses and the rhetoric and annoyed with the elected officials who are on the fence or are worse supporting the toll because they don’t have any other ideas (more on that another time). 

The plan for the tolls in Mobile County is unfair to every family and small business down there. No matter how they swing it the cost is just too high. 

Jim Ziegler has been the biggest leader in rallying the troops to defeat the toll and he’s recently scored some big supporters who have joined the cause but that’s not enough. 

I am a frequent speaker to social, community and political groups on how to use their voice to influence public policy and the key to being an effective advocate for your position is to use your time and resources correctly. 

If you are not in Baldwin County, do not fear you can help too! Get the word out to those you know in the county. Show up to support them, there’s strength in numbers, rally around the cause. 

This week that would mean everyone directing their attention and actions to the upcoming meeting here’s what Ziegler has posted about the meeting and where you can find more information:

Voters of Mobile County: Your Input Needed Quickly in Transportation Improvement Program

(only for our members in Mobile County. A similar program for
Baldwin County will be posted here next week. Watch for it, Baldwin County).

A long-range transportation plan is being considered and possibly adopted this Wed. Aug 21. Your help is needed to ask the board to remove the I-10 toll plan so that other available funding can be used.
You can help by one or both of two ways.

1. Write and send your written comments against the toll plan and ask that it be removed in favor of other funding. Mail or e-mail your form so it will be received by the deadline of noon Tuesday, Aug 20. Your comment form is here: https://www.mobilempo.org/Public%20Notices/COMMENT%20TIP%202019.pdf?fbclid=IwAR121T8N8UlAhRuoDeZ54DQlYV6v5x4SkFZ_MjaNHoCjJ8JBL9aQKj21wnc

The mailing address is: Transportation Coordinator, South Alabama Regional Planning Commission, PO Box 1665, Mobile AL 36633. The e-mail address is kharrison@sarpc.org

2. Show up and give a short comment in person at the meeting. It is this Wed. Aug 21 at 10 a.m. at the SARPC board room on the First Floor of the GMO Building, 110 Beauregard Street, Mobile, AL. Please bring a copy of your written comment with you.
Details about this process are at: https://www.mobilempo.org/Documents/Planning/July29Draft%20Mobile%20MPO%20FY2020%20-%20FY2023%20TIP_%20(003).pdf?fbclid=IwAR29VFRnxIB9I8HJn-GENz705OXXd4UaP3VjVrU5Iipy2qzrzySqJaOe2Ko
(Baldwin County, look for your information on your TIP meeting next week on this FB group).

3. Voters in different cities in Mobile County. Here are your members on the transportation board. Please contact yours (and ONLY yours) quickly. Ask them as a member of the transportation board to stand strongly against including the toll plan (Project ID 5011) in the program. Encourage them not to buy into the ALDOT argument that we have to have the toll.

Mayor, City of Mobile – Hon. Sandy Stimpson (Chairman) 251-208-7395 mayorstimpson@cityofmobile.org

Mobile County Commissioner – Hon. Jerry Carl, 251-574-3000, district3web@mobile-county.net

Mobile County Engineer – Mr. Bryan Kegley, 251-574-8595, info@mobilecounty.net

Councilman, City of Mobile – Hon. John Williams, 251-208-7441, council4@cityofmobile.org

Councilman, City of Mobile – Hon. Fred Richardson, 251-208-7441, council1@cityofmobile.org

Mayor, City of Prichard – Hon. Jimmie Gardner, 251-452-7800, info@thecityofprichard.org

Councilman, City of Prichard – Hon. Lorenzo Martin, 251-452-7801, l.martin@cityofprichard.org

Mayor, City of Chickasaw – Hon. Byron Pittman, 251-452-6450

Mayor, City of Saraland – Hon. Howard Rubenstein, 251-375-5333, hrubenstein@saraland.org

Mayor, City of Satsuma – Hon. Thomas Williams, 251-487-0112, twilliams@cityofsatsuma.com

Mayor, Town of Creola – Hon. William Criswell, 251-675-8142, info@cityofcreola.org

Mayor, City of Bayou La Batre – Hon. Terry Downey, 251-824-2171

Mayor, City of Semmes – Hon. David Baker, 251-649-8811, information@cityofsemmesal.gov