Montgomery county looking at possible tax hike for schools

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — Taxpayers in Montgomery county may be asked to approve a property tax increase to benefit schools.

The Montgomery Advertiser reports that the Montgomery County Board of Education voted Thursday to start the process to increase property taxes to better fund education.

The board’s president outlined a plan of how the additional funds will be spent, if residents vote yes to the increase.

The proposal would bring about $25 million in additional revenue each year. If the tax is approved the district would secure a $250 million bond to cover all school repairs.

Board president Clare Weil said the district would use the annual funding increase to cover the debt service for capital improvements; improve school safety; improve instructional programming and enhance student support services.

The newspaper reported that the proposal will need approval by the county commission after a public hearing, with the district asking the commission to host that hearing on Feb. 25.

Montgomery’s legislative delegation will have to approve a referendum before it could go to the voters.

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