About that proposed Poarch Creek Indian deal? Radio ad targets lawmakers and influencers in Montgomery to say not so fast

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You would have to have been living under a rock to have not have seen or heard one of the Poarch Creek Indian (PCI) tribe’s many “Winning for Alabama” ads promoting a gaming compact between the state and them which would create a monopoly.

They’ve got radio commericals, online ads, a t.v. commercial and they’ve dropped direct mail too. They’re sparing no expense to get this deal done and up until now the only opposition was from Poarch Creek Accountability Now, a group led by former state senator, Gerald Dial

Last week, an ad started to run on Bluewater Broadcasting in Montgomery that pushes back on the claims the PCI.

The ad which is linked below was paid for by McGreene Investments owned by Billy McFarland Jr.

McFarland explained in a call with Alabama Today that the group was set up as a vechicle in Greene County to promote competitive gaming. He noted that any one entity having a monopoly will stiffle the potential jobs and economic opportunities that a free market system would create. 

He said, “The Poarch Creek plan is a bad idea for the state of Alabama and for Greene County.” 

The truth about the PCI Investments. Radio ad running in Montgomery.