Social justice warriors and liberals are lying to you about cop killer Nathaniel Woods

Police officers search for evidence following a shooting that killed three police officers, Thursday, June 17, 2004, in Birmingham, Ala. The officers were shot as they attempted to deliver a search warrant. Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale said that Nathaniel Lauell Woods, 27, and four others were in police custody. (AP Photo/ Haraz Ghanbari)

If you’re in the state of Alabama you’ve probably been seeing a lot of “social justice warriors” arguing for Governor Kay Ivey to stop tonights scheduled execution of Nathaniel Woods a man who lured police officers into a death trap where 3 were killed and 1 was injured.

Their defense, he’s not a murderer because he wasn’t the one who “pulled the trigger”. That’s just not true and is a gross misrepresentation of the facts.

Also, let me just say before I get into all the reasons they’re wrong, who wakes up in the morning and thinks to themselves I’m going to defend a cop killer today? Seriously? Rethink your lives people. 

While Woods didn’t pull the trigger he is 100% equally as responsible as the man who did. He knows this and this has been demonstrated in a court of law where a jury found him guilty. He knows this and has said this himself multiple times in his own words including making threats before the shooting, after the shooting and while incarcerated. I’m going to say this again: Anyone asserting that he’s innocent is lying to you. Anyone asserting he’s not responsible is lying to you. I get that right now there are people worried about an innocent man being killed but for you who have been lied to and deceived make no mistake this is not an innocent man. 

I can’t believe I have to write this but in case you’re questioning it: Blue lives matter!

The lives of Officers Carlos Owen, Harley A. Chisholm III, and Charles R. Bennett, and the wounding of another officer, Michael Collins matter. 

These law enforcement officers left their homes and their families that day and never returned. Why because Woods made good on his earlier threats to them lured them into a house where they were all ambushed and killed.

“I’ll never forget that sound,” Collins later said. “I called them (the other officers) on the radio but they didn’t answer. I knew then. I didn’t think there was much hope.”

Woods and his supporters are now saying he wasn’t given a fair shake at trial. Multiple courts have already dismissed that claim. So what are the facts. Don’t take my word for it read them yourself. 

Read this summary and the sources linked and tell me this man isn’t responsible for those deaths. If you can do that with a straight face, you need help.

  1. Here are a few highlights from the appeal itself per Caselaw website:

“The State established that Woods and Spencer had engaged in a hostile, profanity-laced argument with Officers Owen and Collins on the morning of the shootings, and that Woods threatened Officer Owen by stating: ‘Take off that badge and I will f–––– you up.’ (R. 501.) Officer Sanders testified that Officer Chisolm had told him that Woods had taunted the police by saying, ‘You can’t get me,’ and then running into the apartment. (R. 639.) Marquita McClure and Markesha Williams testified that, after the police left, Woods stated that he would kill the police. Fernando Belser testified that Spencer said that if the police did not stop harassing him, he would ‘light ‘em up,’ and that Woods had said ‘[b]asically the same thing’ Spencer had said. (R. 762.) McClure asked Woods to leave the apartment with her, but Woods told her that he wanted to stay with Spencer in case the police came back.

Michael Scott a witness said he heard Woods say something like, ‘ “They f––––ed with the wrong niggers. We shot their asses.” ‘ (R. 860.) Scott described Woods’s demeanor as calm, not upset, when he made this statement.

2.   If that doesn’t move you, read this note as published by Al.Com:

“In court records from the AG’s Office, prosecutors argued Woods was not a model inmate while awaiting trial. Six months after the murders, records state Woods told a deputy sheriff that the deputy was “hiding behind [his] badge just like the other three mother f******” and promised to look for him if Woods was acquitted. In 2005, deputies found drawings in Woods’ cell of men shooting three flaming skulls and a police car riddled with bullet holes. Deputies also found lyrics to a song Woods had apparently written: “Seven execution styles murders I have no remorse because I’m the f****** murderer.”

3.  Attorney General Steve Marshall had it right. Read his statement on the pathetic and misleading efforts to spare Wood now: 

“There is a last-minute movement afoot to ‘save’ cop-killer Nathaniel Woods from his just punishment,” Attorney General Marshall said. “The message of that movement is encapsulated by the headline of a press release sent out today, which declared: ‘Surrendered and Innocent Man Set to Die.’ That headline contains two falsehoods and one truth. The falsehoods are the descriptors ‘surrendered’ and ‘innocent’: neither apply whatsoever to Nathaniel Woods, whose actions directly caused the deaths of three policemen and injury to another. The truth is ‘set to die’: Nathaniel Woods was correctly found guilty and sentenced to death by a jury of his peers, and that sentence is set to be carried out tomorrow; that is, justice is set to be carried out tomorrow. The only injustice in the case of Nathaniel Woods is that which was inflicted on those four policemen that terrible day in 2004.”

4.  A must read is the letter from the Attorney General to the Governor here:

Clemency Response

*Editors note: This is an editorial piece linking to factual documentation of the case. The quotes above were pulled directly from the linked sources and have not been edited in any way. Where offensive language is used we kept the original text and censorship as is. (Added 03/06/2020)