Alabama local/state Coronavirus updates (March 11)


This is our second in a series of collective Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates from around the state. This update includes statements from Governor Kay Ivey about state agencies, the Alabama Department of Education and Birmingham Water Works. We also included previous notes from the University Alabama System. We will update this post throughout the day as more notices become available.

For up to the minute and detailed information from the Alabama Department of Health please visit their resource center here.

As of 1:50pm central there are still no confirmed cased of coronavirus in Alabama.

Alabama Department of Education: Held press conference yesterday afternoon. Below are comments made by the state superintendent as reported by in summary:

State Superintendent Dr. Eric Mackey said that while there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Alabama, if a student, teacher or other school employee tests positive for the disease, the school will be closed for 24 to 48 hours.

“We’re going to close that school,” he said. “We’re going to deep clean that school. We’re going to assess that community. We’re going to decide what is the best thing, on an individual basis for that school and that community.”

But Mackey also said school officials are worried about parents keeping children home from school in an effort to protect them from catching it in the first place.

“I would advise against that,” Mackey said. “Students need to be in school, need to be learning, need to be playing, need to be doing all the things kids do every day.”

Governor Ivey memo to agency heads with state employee guidance for COVID-19:

Key passage: 

The State Personnel Department is currently providing the following guidance: If employees who are on work-related assignments are quarantined due to the coronavirus, they will not be charged leave during the quarantine period. However, employees who contract the coronavirus, or are functioning as the caregiver for a family member with the virus, will be allowed to take their accumulated leave. Should that leave become exhausted, employees will be approved for donated leave. Rules requiring a doctor’s statement will be waived for coronavirus. Donated leave forms should be submitted through normal work channels should that become necessary. Recertification requirements will be waived for the coronavirus as well. Updates to this guidance will be provided as needed.

See Full Memo here: Coronavirus Preparation Memo

Birmingham Water Works via their Facebook page

Please visit: University Alabama Birmingham COVID-19 for additional resources