Jeff Sessions picks up key state and national endorsements in US Senate run-off

Jeff Sessions
[Photo Credit: AP Photo | Jay Reeves]

Jeff Sessions picked up multiple endorsements over the last several days in his bid to win back his old U.S. Senate seat in the run-off between he and Tommy Tuberville. We have included some below.

The Alabama Forestry Association:

The Alabama Forestry Association, a noted, leading conservative group in Alabama, today announced its endorsement of Jeff Sessions for the United States Senate. 

“We are proud to endorse former Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the United States Senate race. He served the people of Alabama in this seat for 20 years. He represented the people of Alabama’s interest and values then and we feel confident that he will do the same this go around,” said AFA Executive Vice President Chris Isaacson.

“I am proud to be endorsed by the Alabama Forestry Association. They have been stalwart partners in the fight to protect and defend Alabama’s conservative values. This is a time of great peril for Alabama and the nation, and we must have a Senator representing us who knows every inch of this state and who can vigorously defend Alabama’s interests,” stated Sessions.

In its statement, the Alabama Forestry Association notes that it has been proud to stand with Senator Sessions in conservative battles through the years. Over the past 25 years, the Association has endorsed Senator Sessions for every political office that he has sought. 

The Association made the decision on Wednesday, March 11th, to endorse Senator Sessions. 

Please see attached for the Alabama Forestry Association’s letter of endorsement.

Eagle Forum PAC:

Eagle Forum Founder Phyllis Schlafly repeatedly called Jeff Sessions “our favorite Senator”. Eagle Forum PAC is honored to endorse him in the Alabama run-off election for the U.S. Senate on March 31, 2020.

Eagle Forum President Eunie Smith stated, “For twenty years Eagle Forum actively worked with then Sen. Jeff Sessions on issues affecting the family, such as pro-life, immigration, national defense, and religious liberty measures. In every case we watched Sen. Sessions use his legal expertise and his legislative experience in agreement with Eagle Forum’s positions. He was a leader for Constitutionalist judges, against amnesty and for constructive immigration reform.”

Mr. Sessions has served the people of Alabama in various roles throughout his lifetime. His career in law significantly prepared him for his role as a U.S. Attorney, Alabama Attorney General, U.S. Senator, and his most recent position as Attorney General of the United States.

As Attorney General, Mr. Sessions again welcomed our input.  He actively championed Constitutional principles through, for example, task forces and directives upholding religious liberty and confronting human trafficking.

At this critical time when America is so divided, we need Jeff Sessions’ reliable voice to champion sound policy for the future of our state and our nation. America needs this proven public servant, this seasoned statesman, who not only knows Alabama as a lifelong resident, but has a working knowledge of conservative issues, the process, and the players in Washington, D.C. so he can hit the ground running.