Floyd Council resigns as executive director of Birmingham Public Library

Photo Credit: Birmingham Public Library

Birmingham Public Library executive director Floyd Council has resigned from his position effective immediately. Floyd announced his resignation on Facebook, stating, “After much prayer and consideration, I wanted you all to be the first to know that I will be announcing my resignation this week from my position as Executive Director of the Birmingham Public Library with plans to start the new year with other blessings and use of my gifts and talents to the Glory of God. Health, wellness, and peace all come from God, not jobs, big salaries, and people.”

While the announcement didn’t state any reasons, Council had been suspended without pay in October and November for undisclosed reasons, according to Birmingham Watch

According to Al.com, Council wrote a letter to Birmingham officials, including Mayor Randall Woodfin, stating, “It has been my honor to lead as the first African American man to serve as Director of the Birmingham Public Library in the 134-year history of the library system. Please be informed that in consultation with my doctor, my pastor, and my attorney, I am officially announcing my resignation from my position as Executive Director of the Birmingham Public Library to the City of Birmingham, the City Council, the Library Board of Trustees, the Library staff, and the community. My resignation is effective at close of business today, December 15, 2020.”

“I am exceptionally thankful to the City leadership and Mayor Randall Woodfin for his passionate support of the library system, especially to repair Central East Library and the new Wylam Branch Library,” Council continued. “I offer no comments about the culture at the library or strategic future of BPL, but pray that the City and City Council will make viable plans to support the library system for the next 100 years.”

The Birmingham Public Library board has scheduled an emergency meeting for Dec. 16 at noon in response to Council’s resignation.