Will Ainsworth supports school choice in Alabama

Will Ainsworth
[Photo Credit: Will Ainsworth Facebook]

Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth is throwing his support behind school choice in Alabama.

In a recent Facebook post, Ainsworth stated, “During this School Choice Week, join me in working to give parents full power over deciding how their children are educated. No child should be trapped in a failing school, and no parent should feel powerless over their children’s future.”

Ainsworth argued that the school choice options in Florida are what Alabama should strive for. 

“Look at Florida: Over 700 charter schools, over 600 magnet schools. Thousands of students that have got out of historically failing schools going to private schools. Those kids have a choice now. Those parents have a choice in where they go. We’ve gotta do the same in Alabama,” Ainsworth argued. 

Ainsworth also pledged support for public schools as well, stating, “I love public schools. Public schools have got to be strong in order for Alabama to be great, but I also believe that choice gives parents the option of deciding what’s best for their child.”

According to a News13 report, a new school choice bill introduced recently in Florida will make all students in Florida eligible for private school vouchers, regardless of income or whether they are in public school or are being homeschooled.