Alabama campaign consultant Brett Buchanan named national “Republican Rising Star”

Brent Buchanan

Earlier this week, Campaigns & Elections named Alabama campaign consultant Brent Buchanan a 2015 Republican Rising Star.

Buchanan is a managing partner at Cygnala Montgomery-based campaign and communications firm with offices in Alexandria, Va., and Austin, Texas.

“Who would have thought that starting out eleven years ago running and winning Reed Ingram and Dimitri Polizos’ county commission campaigns would lead to receiving a national political award,” Buchanan said in a statement on Wednesday.

“Those who have won the Rising Star award in the past have gone on to run presidential campaigns and manage multi-million dollar political firms, so it’s an honor to be among many greats in the business.”

According to the C&E website, “Since 1988, Campaigns & Elections has recognized the up-and-comers of the campaign world with its coveted Rising Star award. Over the years, Rising Star recipients have climbed to the heights of politics, launching dozens of successful consulting firms and serving at the highest levels of state and federal campaigns.

“It’s one of the most prestigious honors in the campaign world for a reason: industry giants are counted among the ranks of former Rising Stars. C&E Rising Stars have served in senior positions on the presidential campaigns of every major party nominee since 1992.”

This year’s Rising Star awards were presented at the annual Art of Political Campaigns conference held July 27-28 at the House of Sweden, part of the Swedish Embassy complex in Washington, D.C.  At the event, Buchanan personally accepted the award.

More information about Buchanan and other Rising Star winners is here.


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