Alabama Poarch Creek leader Stephanie Bryan is using her role to inspire her community

Stephanie Bryan is the first female tribal chair and CEO of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians in Alabama. (Allanah Taylor / Alabama News Center)

Elected as the first female political leader to tribal chair and CEO of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians in 2014, Stephanie Bryan possesses traits that make a strong leader: passion, vision, and drive.

Bryan was raised on the Poarch Band of Creek Indian reservation in Atmore and understands the importance of helping her community grow.

“My passion and drive every day is driven by being able to help people improve their quality of life, and that’s what motivates me every day,” she says.

As the chair and CEO, Bryan’s role is diverse: Overseeing tribal government, public safety, the education department, Boys & Girls Club, federal contracting services, Wind Creek Hospitality, etc.

“I hope my legacy and my leadership is known that I truly care about people and I want to give people the tools that they need to succeed, and then inspire them to go and do great things,” she says.

Power Moves: Stephanie Bryan leads the Poarch Band of Creek Indians efforts in Alabama from Alabama News Center on Vimeo.

Republished with the permission of The Alabama News Center.