Tommy Tuberville wants aid for Israel separated from aid for Ukraine

Sen. Tommy Tuberville speaking on the floor of the Senate photo provided by Tuberville's office.

On Wednesday, U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-Alabama) spoke on the Senate floor about what he sees as the importance of separating funding for Israel from aid for Ukraine. Sen. Tuberville reiterated his support for Israel and called on Democrats to prioritize Israel’s fight against terrorism. He also urged Democrats to defund the hiring of 80,000 new IRS agents.

“I join my colleagues on the floor to support our ally, Israel,” Sen. Tuberville said. “On October the seventh, Israel was suddenly and deliberately attacked by Hamas terrorists. The terrorists targeted innocent people – not military targets. That’s very important. They killed thousands of civilians, including dozens of Americans. They filmed their own atrocities and put videos on the internet. They were very proud of what they were doing. It is absolutely disgraceful.”

“The United States has supported Israel from the very beginning,” Tuberville continued. “The first leader in the world to recognize Israel was Harry Truman. Administrations from both parties have strongly supported Israel. But now the Biden Administration is trying to ride the fence. Joe Biden knows that his voting base does not like Israel. The left dislikes Israel. In their woke ideology, they say Palestinians are oppressed by Israel. It’s just not true. Since the war broke out in October, liberals in Congress and around the country have expressed sympathy for Hamas. It’s been especially bad on college campuses. I’m not even going to repeat some of the things that have been said by Democrat members of Congress.”

Tuberville has been an outspoken critic of the Biden Administration’s foreign policy.

“Joe Biden has also continued to practice appeasement of Iran. When Joe Biden took office, Iran was dead broke,” Tuberville continued. “They had access to just a few billion dollars in foreign currencies. Today, they have ten times that much money. This is because of loosened sanctions and because of oil sales by Iran. Iran is the number one sponsor of terrorism in the world. Iran provides funding for Hamas and for Hezbollah. Joe Biden is helping Iran to get rich. There is no question that sanctions relief for Iran will end up in the hands of terrorists. Joe Biden wants to ride the fence, but we can’t ride the fence on this one, not for our ally. This is a battle between good and evil. This is about an ally of the United States of America fighting terrorists who kill innocent women and children. And let’s remember the terrorists killed Americans too. Hamas would love to kill more Americans, and they will kill more Americans if they get the chance.”

While Tuberville helped block the aid package in the Senate, he does support the House version that funds Israel’s war on Hamas in Gaza but does not fund Ukraine in their war against Russia and which pays for the aid by eliminating partisan funding passed in the last Congress to dramatically enlarge the number of IRS enforcement agents the agency fields.

“So, Israel needs to wage a war of extermination against Hamas,” Tuberville explained. “I’m supporting this legislation to provide fourteen billion in aid to Israel. Unlike the Democrats’ requests for foreign aid, this is paid for. We pay for it by canceling out the Democrats’ plan to supersize the IRS. Are they more important than Israel? Last year, the Democrats cut the IRS a check for eighty billion dollars. They’re planning to hire eighty thousand new IRS agents. They want to double the size of the IRS. They want to shake down the American people for every last dime. The wealthy, they’ll be just fine. The wealthy have tax lawyers and accountants. It’s families and small businesses who will pay this price. A report from the joint tax committee says that the Democrats’ bill last year raised taxes on almost every tax bracket.”

Tuberville said that he stands unequivocally with Israel and is horrified by the rise of antisemitism among Democrats, especially on college campuses.

Tommy Tuberville was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2020.

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