Gary Palmer and Robert Aderholt vote in favor of impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden

Gary Palmer and Robert Aderholt

On Wednesday, the Alabama House of Representatives voted to formally begin an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden (D). U.S. Representatives Gary Palmer (R-AL06) and Robert Aderholt (R-AL04) released statements following their votes to open the impeachment inquiry.

“Today’s vote by House Republicans is a step toward government transparency and accountability, specifically with the office of the President,” said Rep. Gary Palmer. “During the entirety of Congress’ investigation into the Biden family, the White House has been obstructing our ability to get the information we need. The American people should wonder why that is the case. Unlike the impeachment of President Trump which was based on false charges and was a political hack job, we have built a case based on solid evidence. Approving an impeachment inquiry is the next step in this process which will provide access to additional documents and other evidence I believe will provide proof President Biden was involved in what can only be described a family criminal cartel.”

“Today, I voted to open a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden,” Rep. Robert Aderholt said. “This resolution is a critically important step to ensure compliance with the law and full transparency of the process. To date, the Biden Administration has impeded the House’s investigation; therefore, the House has voted to reaffirm that the inquiry is authorized and can proceed to its conclusion.”

“President Biden has continually lied about his involvement in this growing family enrichment scheme, and, with a formal impeachment inquiry, the House can now lay out the evidence for everyone to see. It is time the President and his family are held accountable,” Palmer concluded.

Most of the alleged illicit activities were committed by the President’s son, Hunter Biden, but what Biden knew about his son’s dealings with agents of foreign governments and did he benefit from those activities has been a point of emphasis for the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees who have been conducting the investigations.

“While a father should not be punished for the crimes of his son, it appears this President has possibly committed multiple impeachable offenses,” Aderholt continued. “At the top of that list is serving as a possible accomplice (the “Big Guy”) to the business dealings of his son, Hunter Biden.”

Hunter Biden refused to testify before Congress on Wednesday but did go to the Capitol complex to hold a press conference in which he attacked the members of Congress conducting the investigation.

“Just today, Hunter Biden refused to obey a Congressional subpoena,” Aderholt explained. “No one – not even the President’s family – gets to dictate how and which laws apply to them. Hunter Biden is going to learn that while it may be lucrative to trade off of his father’s name, it does not get him special treatment from the law.”

“I’m confident that my colleagues on the appropriate committees will get to the bottom of all of this and Congress will hold the Bidens accountable,” Aderholt concluded.

The House voted 221 to 212 along party lines to formally authorize the impeachment probe into President Biden.

Hunter Biden is the subject of congressional and legal scrutiny regarding his overseas business dealings and alleged tax evasion. Hunter said that he was willing to testify publicly. House leaders said that they would not be dictated to by Hunter Biden and that they would initiate contempt proceedings against him.

Democrats say that Republicans lack any evidence of wrongdoing by Biden. Critics suggest that this potential impeachment is in retaliation for the Democrats’ twice impeaching Donald Trump during his presidency. Palmer disagrees.

“Unlike the political persecution of President Trump, this impeachment investigation will be based on facts,” Palmer said on X. “The American people deserve to know the truth- And the truth is long overdue.”

Even if the House did eventually vote to impeach President Biden there is little chance that the Democratic-controlled Senate would act on a Biden impeachment. In the history of the United States no President has ever been convicted – much less removed by the U.S. Senate.

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