Jack Williams takes issue with ALGOP resolution rebuking Mike Hubbard

Mike Hubbard

State Rep. Jack Williams is not happy with the Alabama GOP’s steering committee’s resolution calling for House Speaker Mike Hubbarto step down, saying his ethics case proceeded with “blatant disregard for the rule of law.”

In a conversation with Alabama Today on Monday, Williams said the steering committee’s decision – based upon a vote taken on a conference call “in the middle of the night” – was driven by political opposition to Hubbard.

“We have at least on member on the steering committee who doesn’t like the Speaker’s leadership, and they couldn’t win this battle in the caucus where the decision was made, so they took this battle to the steering committee, where they only had to convince 10 people,” Williams said, noting that fewer than the full 20 members of the body voted on the resolution. “This is an embarrassing way for Republican leadership to conduct business.

“That’s unfortunate that this has happened because the steering committee has abandoned the principle of innocent until proven guilty.”

Williams also criticized the committee for taken a one-sided approach to the problem, pointing to misdeeds by the Attorney General’s office reported in the media.

“Right now we only have accusations against the Speaker,” Williams said. “The only violation of the law that we know definitively is we know the prosecutor … has illegally leaked secret grand jury testimony to the media. Maybe that might be where the steering committee should shine their little flashlights next.

“The greatest threat to liberty in the state of Alabama is abandoning our bedrock principles of democracy like innocent until proven guilty, and having a lawless Attorney General’s office that operates without regard for the rule of law or the rules of the grand jury and the courts. The prosecutors should be about justice, not about eliminating potential political opponents or settling scores; it should be about justice.”


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