Ann Eubank: Is it time to bring them home?

voting booth

We the people are very, very angry this election cycle; so much so that our anger is palpable. To quote Howard Beale in the movie “Network,” “We’re mad as Hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.” The rage towards Washington is evident all over the country, and that includes Alabama.

We are disgusted with our own representatives being so-called “campaign conservatives” who only care about what we think when it gets close to the time to come home and face the voters. Have we seen any “political blood” shed while fighting for Alabama conservative values from any of the four incumbents facing re-election? I haven’t. They have come home and are spending millions of dollars trying to convince you that they have, but have they really?

Thankfully, this time we do have choices and we need to make them count. This election cycle Senator Shelby, Congresswoman Roby, Congressman Aderholt and Congressman Rogers all have challengers. Spend some time researching these challengers, go hear them at a candidate forum, and get to know them. The only way to change the culture in D.C. is to replace those who have done nothing to mitigate the damage that Obama has done to our Country.

Can the opponents of these four carry the day on March 1st? It remains to be seen, but it will take each of us going to the polls and voting to make it happen. Will we re-elect “Conservative Shadow-Boxers” who think they are ordained to return to D.C., or will we send a “shot across the bow” of those who think they can continue to ignore the will of the people with no consequences?

My definition of insanity: To continue sending the same people to Washington (and Montgomery) and expecting a different outcome. Your Choice!

Ann Eubank is the statewide co-chair of Rainy Day Patriots, and the legislative chair of the Alabama Legislative Watchdogs. Ann is a frequent visitor of the Statehouse and has bridged the gap between strong advocate and respected resource for members. She is also a member of the Alabamians United for Excellence in Education Taskforce and several other Stop Common Core groups.


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