Death of Ben Carson campaign staffer offers reminder of importance of service

Ben Carson and Braden Joplin

Too frequently we hear about the awfulness of professional political operatives. Regardless of political affiliation, personal background or beliefs, we’re often called hacks, establishment or worse. We are painted in movies and television shows as heartless and shadowy figures who wheel and deal in often questionable ways to get things done. From the movie Thank You for Smoking which mocks lobbyist, to House of Cards or Scandal the worst of the worst is frequently portrayed.

What’s not shown are the bonds and friendships, a brotherhood/sisterhood of mutual respect if you will for those in the field not just fighting beside you but across from you. Be it a primary campaign where your “enemy” this race will be the person picking you up off the floor of a shared office in the the general; or a general election where the “enemy” is someone you go to church or carpool with, the fact is those of us behind the scenes are real people with families and friends and lives beyond election seasons.

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