Email insights: Richard Shelby’s new ad highlights strong opposition to rules, regulations

Richard Shelby ad

Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby is running for re-election this year against a bevy of challengers hoping to unseat him in the March 1 primary.

In an effort to ward off his opponents, the Shelby campaign sent out an email showcasing his latest campaign ad Tuesday morning.

Titled “Agriculture,” the ad highlights his history of fighting to overturn bureaucratic regulations that hurt Alabama farmers.

Barack Obama didn’t learn too much about farming in Chicago,” says Wallace Drury, a farmer from Greensboro, Alabama, in the ad. “His bureaucrats can regulate us out of business. They want us to ask permission to deal with the water in a pond in our fields.”

Here’s the full text of the email and the new ad:

Shelby Ad Highlights Strong Opposition to Burdensome Rules & Regulations

BIRMINGHAM, AL – Tuesday, February 16, 2016 – Senator Richard Shelby, candidate for the United States Senate, today released a new ad featuring Wallace Drury, a farmer from Greensboro, Alabama, highlighting the Senator’s strong opposition to the Obama Administration’s burdensome rules and regulations on farmers.

“The Obama Administration’s assault on farmers and businesses through his EPA is unprecedented and out-of-control,” said Senator Shelby.  “One example of their egregious overreach is the rule redefining ‘waters of the United States.’  The WOTUS rule is yet another land grab by this Administration, which would place control of waterways across the country in the hands of Washington bureaucrats instead of Alabama’s farmers.  I will keep fighting to put an end to the EPA’s broad, unchecked regulatory power that stifles economic growth.”

Watch Senator Shelby’s new ad below:


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