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Marco Rubio donors to remain secret indefinitely

Much was made of Jeb Bush's relentless maneuvering when it came to early fundraising, but the actual dark money pioneer of 2016 may well be U.S. Sen. Marco...

After Donald Trump endorsement, NASCAR leader faces the fallout

When Brian France endorsed Donald Trump for president, the chairman and chief executive of NASCAR thought of it as nothing more than a "routine...

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton continue dominance in 2016 primaries

Republican front-runner Donald Trump swept to victory in the Mississippi and Michigan presidential primaries Tuesday, deepening his grip on the GOP nominating contest despite...

Donald Trump says attack ad will work in his favor

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump says he thinks a negative ad that features clip after bleeped-out clip of him swearing publically is actually going...

Donald Trump wins Mississippi primary

Donald Trump has won the Republican presidential primary in Mississippi, edging out Texas Sen. Ted Cruz to post his 13th state victory of the...

Trump University plaintiff seeks to withdraw from lawsuit

Tarla Makaeff has had enough of Donald Trump after spending six years fighting him in court. The Southern California yoga instructor wants to withdraw from...

Campaign donors having second thoughts about Marco Rubio

Just when Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio needs them the most, big-dollar contributors from the party's wealthy main stream are having second thoughts about...

Donald Trump reverses stance on torture and targeting civilians

Donald Trump retreated Friday from his promise that if elected president he would order the military to kill family members of militants who threaten...

Paul Ryan not interested in presidential run this year

Amid extraordinary Republican infighting over Donald Trump, the word from House Speaker Paul Ryan is nope, he's not running for president. The professed lack of...

Fox gets 16.9 million viewers for GOP debate

The 16.9 million people who saw Fox News Channel's coverage of the Republican presidential debate on Thursday have made it the fourth most-watched debate...



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