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Protesters gather in an attempt to drown out Donald Trump’s speech

One protester held up a sign, “Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue”

‘It’s broken’: Fears grow about strength of US voting system

Fears are mounting that several battleground states are not prepared to administer problem-free elections during the pandemic.

Donald Trump’s tweet about rioters echoes 1960s Miami police chief, AL...

The language has been attributed to segregationist presidential candidate George Wallace in a 1968 campaign speech in Pittsburgh.

Joe Biden warmly welcomed in Selma as Dems court black voters

Joe Biden's visit to Selma followed a strong victory in South Carolina.

Inside Mike Bloomberg’s big play for Alabama & other states

Bloomberg's outreach aims squarely at former Vice President Joe Biden.

Democrats struggle to build broad support on eve of voting

Polling suggests each of the leading candidates has glaring holes in his or her political bases.

Alabama voting rights activist jailed on drug charges

He is the half-brother of activist Al Sharpton.

From toast of town to toxic: Mark Zuckerberg on outs...

Mark Zuckerberg's social network in Washington is shrinking. Bipartisan hostility against Facebook has been building for months, fueled by a series of privacy...

Sharpton holds town hall on black woman’s restaurant arrest

Rev. Al Sharpton attended a town hall in Alabama to show support for a black woman whose contentious arrest at a Waffle House sparked...

Reverend Al Sharpton hosting town hall in Mobile over Waffle House...

Reverend Al Sharpton, and prominent civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump, will be in Mobile on Tuesday to host a town hall meeting on the controversial Saraland Waffle...



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