Sharpton holds town hall on black woman’s restaurant arrest

Al Sharpton

Rev. Al Sharpton attended a town hall in Alabama to show support for a black woman whose contentious arrest at a Waffle House sparked anger when the video went viral online.

WALA-TV reports hundreds attended the meeting at Bethel AME church in Mobile, Alabama, to show support for Chikesia Clemons.

Police in Saraland, Alabama, say Clemons was drunk and disorderly when they arrested her April 22. They say she and a friend cursed employees and threatened to return with guns.

Sharpton had questions about the Saraland police officers’ actions, body cameras and sound from the surveillance video they released.

He also demanded Clemons’ charges be dropped and for Waffle House to admit she was treated improperly.

Several others spoke including Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump who’s representing the Clemons family.

Republished with the permission of the Associated Press.


  1. Please consider:
    1. employee smelled strong smell of liquor
    2. patron refused to pay 50 cents extra for plastic spoon and fork
    3. patron loud and using profanity
    4. patron threatening employees.
    5. employee requested patron leave
    6. patron refuses to leave place of business
    7. police arrive and attempt to escort patron off property
    8. patron refuses police order and resists arrest for trespass
    9. patron assault officers
    10. threatened to come back with her friends and guns.

    Overall, what a class act this person seems to have. Next time, go somewhere else to fill your pie hole.

    And in flies good old Al Sharpton spewing his line that its not her fault. Anyone know if he ever paid all his back taxes you and I have to pay?????

    What a town hall meeting that must have been. And to think Sharpton will serve as keynote speaker for Birmingham high school “Unity” breakfast. Maybe the reason he is at the breakfast is for the free food….

    Sad for the woman, her friends and family. Hope things change for you.

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