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Pro-life Amendment Two gains additional support ahead of Election Day

With less than a week before voters head to the polls, Amendment Two continues to gain public support. Following Governor Kay Ivey’s public endorsement last...

Pro-life group releases radio in in support of pro-life Amendment Two

Election Day is only a week away, and Alabama Citizens for Life (ACL) is doing everything it can to encourage Alabama voters to support of the...

John Giles: Amendment Two — Choice vs. Life

November 6, 2018 is the mid-term election, and in addition to a slate of candidates, Alabamians will be voting on four amendments to the...

Ahead of election Kay Ivey urges support for pro-life Amendment Two

Governor Kay Ivey on Monday affirmed her support for Alabama’s Constitutional Amendment Two, which recognizes and supports the rights of the unborn. “Now, perhaps more...

Richardson, Snider: Alabama must vote yes on Proposed Statewide Amendment Two

According to Pew Research, the only state that is more pro-life than Alabama is Mississippi. Our status as one of the leading states in the pro-life...



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