Pro-life Amendment Two gains additional support ahead of Election Day

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With less than a week before voters head to the polls, Amendment Two continues to gain public support.

Following Governor Kay Ivey’s public endorsement last week the pro-life constitutional measure picked up even more support on Wednesday with endorsements from Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall, Will Ainsworth who is the Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor, as well as top leadership figures within the Alabama Legislature.

“One of the biggest honors I have as your Attorney General is fighting for the rights of the unborn. I have aggressively defended Alabama’s pro-life laws and fought alongside other states as they did the same,” said Marshall in a statement. “Now, you have an opportunity to join me in standing for life by voting YES on Amendment Two.”

Ainsworth echoed Marshall’s support of the Amendment.

“As a candidate for Lt. Governor and, hopefully, once in office, I will continue to champion the pro-life cause and fight the liberal elites who mock conservative Alabamians for our stand,” Ainsworth said. “Each and every life is a gift from God, and I support the passage of Amendment 2 on Nov.6th .”

The Alabama Fair Ballot Commission explains the constitutional amendment, which was sponsored and passed by Montevallo-Republican, State Rep. Matt Fridy, with the following description:

Amendment 2 provides that it would be the public policy of the state to recognize and support the importance of unborn life and the rights of unborn children, including the right to life; and to protect the rights of unborn children. Additionally, the amendment would make clear that the state constitution does not include a right to abortion or require the funding of an abortion using public funds.

Legislative endorsements

Leaders in both chambers of the Alabama State House have come out in support of Amendment Two.

Monrovia-Republican, Speaker of the Alabama House of Representatives Mac McCutcheon:

On November 6th, Alabama has the opportunity to show the nation how strong our conservative values are by adding language to our state constitution acknowledging the sanctity of unborn life. I am proud to stand behind Amendment Two and would encourage all Alabamians to vote yes on Tuesday, the 6th.

Rainsville-Republican, State House Majority Leader Nathaniel Ledbetter:

As Planned Parenthood and other liberal groups make their way into Alabama we are seeing our conservative values being attacked daily. It is crucial that Alabamians join together to fight for the rights of the unborn by voting yes for Statewide Amendment Two.

Jasper-Republican, State Senate Majority Leader Greg Reed:

Amendment Two will protect the sanctity of all life in Alabama by ensuring that our God-given rights extend to the most defenseless among us, unborn children. I urge my fellow Alabamians to stand for a culture of life by voting yes on Amendment Two on November 6th.

Rainbow City-Republican, State Senator Phil Williams:

Planned Parenthood has pumped nearly a million dollars of out-of-state dark money into Alabama to defeat Amendment Two. Planned Parenthood represents a culture of death, and their celebration of abortion-on-demand is sickening to see. President Trump is remaking the judiciary through the appointment of solid constitutional judges like Brett Kavanaugh, and Amendment Two will help make Alabama a haven for life as our nation returns to a respect for the U.S. Constitution and for the sanctity of all life.

Amendment Two is one of four statewide amendment proposals that will be on the ballot on November 6.