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Roby Weekly: We must stand for life

Martha Roby discusses the pro-life movement and the upcoming annual March for Life.

Alabama just one of several states considering pro-life legislation

The Louisiana legislature is halfway toward passing a law — like the ones enacted in Mississippi and Georgia — that will ban...

Martha Roby: Reflecting on the President’s State of the Union and...

Every year, the State of the Union address provides an important opportunity for the sitting President to speak directly to Congress and the American...

Bradley Byrne: The sanctity of life

I am proudly pro-life. Millions of Americans are as well. The sanctity of human life is immeasurable, and the countless Americans who feel the same...

Martha Roby: Commemorating the 2019 March for Life

46 years ago this month, the Supreme Court of the United States offered its infamous Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion on demand...

Alabama to ask Supreme Court to review abortion

Alabama will ask the U.S. Supreme Court to review the state’s effort to ban the most commonly used second trimester abortion procedure. Alabama Attorney General...

Pro-life Amendment Two gains additional support ahead of Election Day

With less than a week before voters head to the polls, Amendment Two continues to gain public support. Following Governor Kay Ivey’s public endorsement last...

Pro-life group releases radio in in support of pro-life Amendment Two

Election Day is only a week away, and Alabama Citizens for Life (ACL) is doing everything it can to encourage Alabama voters to support of the...

Richardson, Snider: Should the progressive movement become pro-life?

Blind spots. We’ve all got them. Some, for example, believe their singing voice to be a divine blessing although it might more accurately be...

John Giles: Amendment Two — Choice vs. Life

November 6, 2018 is the mid-term election, and in addition to a slate of candidates, Alabamians will be voting on four amendments to the...



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