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Brett Kavanaugh takes hard line on federal regulations

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh worries about federal agencies running amok. He has argued that judges have given federal agencies leeway to push policies that go well...

Luther Strange calls on EPA to cancel rule to limit emissions...

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange is calling on federal environmental authorities to drop a proposal that would stop off-road racing hobbyists from removing or reconfiguring...

Court orders EPA to redo air-pollution limits in 13 states

A federal appeals court on Tuesday ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to relax some limits it set on smokestack emissions that cross state lines...

U.S. Supreme Court rejects president’s attempt to limit power plants

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday against the Obama administration's attempt to limit power plant emissions of mercury and other hazardous air pollutants, but...

Gary Palmer backs EPA ‘overreach’ bill delaying new emissions rules

On Wednesday, U.S. Rep. Gary Palmer took part in a dual effort in Congress to stop what he called "overregulation" aimed at delaying the implementation...

Climate change plan faces high-profile legal test

The centerpiece of the Obama administration's effort to tackle climate change is facing a high-profile legal test as a federal appeals court considers a...



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