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Phones, offices busy as absentee balloting starts in Alabama

In populous Mobile, workers in the absentee office barely had time to hang up on one call before the next one came in.

Donald Trump raises $210 million, robust but well short of Joe...

Trump’s campaign released its figure Wednesday, several days later than usual and nearly a week after the Biden campaign unveiled its total, the highest for any one month during a presidential campaign.

Bradley Byrne: Some good news

Congressman Byrne outlines the progress our country has made over the last several months.

Inside the Statehouse: 1960 Presidential race marked beginning of television as...

"Television is still the medium that drives the vote. It has been rumored and stated as fact that social media has taken over. But, it has not yet."

In battlegrounds, absentee ballot rejections could triple

With the coronavirus creating a surge in mail-in balloting and postal delays reported across the country, the number of rejected ballots in November is projected to be significantly higher than previous elections.

Joe Biden: Donald Trump ignores pandemic, stokes unrest, solves neither

Joe Biden's broadsides came a day ahead of his own trip to Kenosha, Wisconsin, where Biden said he wants to help “heal” a city reeling from another police shooting of a Black man.

Americans divided over armed civilians who flock to protests

Americans are turning out more often and more visibly with guns, a sign of the tension engulfing the country.

‘Fanning the flames’: Dems accuse Donald Trump of stoking violence

Trump was accused of trying to inflame racial tensions and incite violence to benefit his campaign.

Donald Trump, on huge White House stage, decrying Joe Biden, radicals

As troubles churned outside the gates, Trump painted an optimistic vision of America’s future, including an eventual triumph over the coronavirus pandemic that has killed more than 175,000 people, left millions unemployed and rewritten the rules of society.

Protesters gather in an attempt to drown out Donald Trump’s speech

One protester held up a sign, “Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue”



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