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Presidential primaries in 4 states will go on as planned

Some states have postponed their primaries.

Asylum seekers jam U.S. border crossings to evade Donald Trump policy

For months, asylum seekers have been prohibited from filing their claims at U.S. border crossings under a much-criticized Donald Trump administration policy....

Former Arizona U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl to replace John McCain

Prolonging the uncertainty over who will fill the late John McCain’s U.S. Senate seat, the governor of Arizona on Tuesday announced the appointment of...

After long fight against brain cancer, John McCain ends treatment

Arizona Sen. John McCain has discontinued medical treatment for an aggressive form of brain cancer, his family says. It’s a likely indication that the war...

National Guard members begin arriving at U.S.-Mexico border

Some National Guard members have started arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border with more expected as federal government officials continue to discuss what they’ll do...

Donald Trump signs proclamation directing troops to secure border

Asserting the situation had reached “a point of crisis,” to fight illegal immigration. “The lawlessness that continues at our southern border is fundamentally incompatible with...

Donald Trump returns to Arizona – and a chaotic political landscape

Donald Trump was just a few weeks into his candidacy in 2015 when he came to Phoenix for a speech that ended up being...

Koch network refusing to help Donald Trump

From a luxury hotel on the edge of the Rocky Mountains, some of the nation's most powerful Republican donors are rebelling against Donald Trump. Billionaire...



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