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Nancy Pelosi has ‘candid’ talk with potential rival for speaker

Nancy Pelosi met privately Friday with her top potential rival for House speaker, Rep. Marcia Fudge, as the Democratic leader works to gather...

Meet the House Democrats who will be running the show

Now that Democrats have captured control of the House for the next two years, the party's most senior members are poised to regain the...

Democrats eye Donald Trump’s tax returns but expect a long fight

Getting President Donald Trump's tax returns is high on the list of Democratic priorities now that they have won the House. By law, the leaders...

Russia probe revival expected if Democrats win House

House Democrats are expected to reopen the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election if they win the majority in November. But they...

Despite Democrats’ opposition, General Fund budget has its day before the...

Taking a strategy from last week's playbook, Alabama House Democrats began a filibuster as the Special Order Calendar was brought up for discussion. The...

Robert Bentley stresses major budget cuts will ensue without quick remedy

Gov. Robert Bentley continued his crusade against the Legislature's current budget Wednesday, issuing an announcement detailing severe cuts to Lee County unless the tax increases...



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