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Al Cardenas worries about the drift of the current GOP

Al Cardenas' perspective on what's going on with the Republican Party in 2015 is worth listening to. The former two-term Republican Party of Florida...

NARAL Pro-Choice America revels in Jeb Bush vs. Marco Rubio abortion...

According to a report in Tuesday's New York Times, Right to Rise, the Jeb Bush-backed Super PAC, may be attacking Marco Rubio for his...

Email insights: Counting out Jeb Bush is a big mistake

For anyone who appreciates presidential politics, it would be a fool’s errand to write off Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign. In a new email update from...

Jeb Bush super PAC considering staff for early voting states

The outside political group supporting Jeb Bush's bid for president with tens of millions of dollars in television advertising is considering placing organizing staff...

Jeb Bush donors pitch ‘long haul’ after initial ‘shock and awe’

Jeb Bush's challenge in the first half of the year was daunting yet simple. To be considered a fundraising success, the Republican presidential candidate...

For half a sentence, Jeb Bush is an official 2016 candidate

Over and over again, Jeb Bush has said he's still thinking about whether to run for president. But for half a sentence Wednesday, Bush let...

Super PACs rise in influence in 2016 campaign

When Hillary Rodham Clinton takes the stage at fundraisers thrown by a group that wants to elect her president, she's not presented as a...

Jeb Bush preparing to delegate many campaign tasks to super PAC

Jeb Bush is preparing to embark on an experiment in presidential politics: delegating many of the nuts-and-bolts tasks of seeking the White House to...



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