Email insights: Counting out Jeb Bush is a big mistake


For anyone who appreciates presidential politics, it would be a fool’s errand to write off Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign.

In a new email update from Right to Rise PAC — providing exclusive information from the campaign trail – the former Florida governor is far from finished, despite “lagging national polls” and receiving less airtime than any other candidate during the “much-maligned” CNBC debate.

According to Right to Rise chair Mike Murphy, Bush will ultimately prevail, particularly over last week’s “noise and chatter.” History bears this out, he adds.

“We’ve cautioned before on national polls and we’ll repeat it: at this time four years ago the national polls had anointed Herman Cain the frontrunner.”

As focus groups have indicated, the race is anyone’s to win, with Bush making respondents “maybe list” 90 percent of the time. And Bush – who is in the midst of a campaign renaissance – was “on fire” at a New Hampshire rally this week. The same holds true at other events in Florida, Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Murphy’s email provides clips of a few of the events, showing Bush is much more on his game than what is portrayed in recent reports.

As for the other Floridian in the race, Marco Rubio may be enjoying somewhat of a surge in popularity, but that only means that the national media will be “finally taking a serious look” at his record.

And that’s not good for the freshman Senator, Murphy says.

“It is important that every GOP candidate get fully vetted by the voters before we put that candidate up against Hillary Clinton and the Democrat machine,” he writes.

Most important in this race – as should be in any political contest – are issues. Right to Rise promises to provide a series of fair, issue-centered contrasts between Bush, other serious candidates and Democrats.

Taking in account the support of dedicated professionals like Murphy and Right to Rise, counting out Bush (at any point) would certainly be a big mistake.


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