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Bradley Bryne reveals positive red snapper development

After years of dealing with frustrating federal red snapper regulations, good news may be on the way for the Alabama's red snapper fishermen and coastal...

New $6M water research grant could protect lives, property of Alabamians

Alabamians lives and property may soon be better protected thanks to a new federal grant to help improve the nation’s water prediction capabilities and...

Alabama red snapper season closes Sunday, 6 weeks early

After its first season of self-managing red snapper fishing, the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (ADCNR) is bringing the season to an end six weeks...

Alabama will manage 47-day recreational red snapper seasons for 2018, 2019

After years of fighting frustrating federal red snapper regulations, the National Marine Fisheries Service has granted the State of Alabama’s request to manage its red snapper...

Alabama submits request to NOAA to manage Red Snapper seasons

Recreational fishermen across the Gulf of Mexico and the East Coast, rejoice — the days of federal mismanagement of red snapper fishing may soon...

Conservation groups sue feds to protect Red Snapper, promote reform

Two environmental groups are suing the Trump administration for extending the red snapper season in federal and state waters within the Gulf of Mexico this...

Bradley Byrne: A red snapper victory

We recently had a major victory for our area’s Red Snapper fishermen and the coastal communities, which benefit from a longer Red Snapper season. Last...

Bradley Byrne: Fight continues for longer red snapper season

We are blessed to live in a part of the world known for our beautiful scenery, abundant natural resources, and marvelous waterways. It is...

Richard Shelby praises NOAA announcement of red snapper assessment

Last month Alabama wildlife officials came out saying the federal government is still overestimating the amount of red snapper caught in the Gulf of Mexico. According to...

Alabama politicians lament 9 day Red Snapper season: It’s a ‘disgrace’

Congressman Bradley Byrne, Republican of the state's first district, which encompasses Alabama's two gulf counties, and State Auditor Jim Zeigler both spoke out Wednesday against the...



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