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Inside the Statehouse: Methodists have Dominated High Offices in Alabama History

Alabama's leading columnists discusses the respective faiths of our state's leaders.

Huntsville city hall would cost $60 million

Plans to build a new City Hall in Huntsville are moving forward, with members of the mayor’s administrative team putting a $60...

Mayor Tommy Battle vetoes pay raises for himself, city council

An Alabama city’s mayor has vetoed raises for himself and members of the city council. Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle nixed the increases Friday. News...

Huntsville says no to electric scooters

Leaders in Huntsville are saying no to a proposal to allow electric scooters in the north Alabama city. News outlets report that City...

Richard Shelby says FBI investment in Alabama could reach $1 billion

Sen. Richard Shelby- Republican says that the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI)  investment in northern Alabama could reach $1 billion, the Associated Press reports. This...

Tommy Battle proposes a balanced FY19 budget to Huntsville City Council

Huntsville, Ala. Mayor Tommy Battle proposed a balanced budget for the FY 2019 fiscal year during Thursday night's regular City Council meeting that provides...

Huntsville launches pilot program to provide enhanced community policing, city support

The City of Huntsville is piloting a neighborhood program designed to provide enhanced community policing and city support. Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle announced the program during a...

Checking in: What has Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle been up to?

Ever wonder what your mayor been up to each month? Sure you may have helped elect them, but what happens after that? Alabama Today...

Personnel note: UAH President Robert Altenkirch announces retirement

Robert Altenkirch, president of The University of Alabama in Huntsville announced his retirement on Monday. Altenkirch sent a memo making the announcement to faculty, staff,...

Tommy Battle: My vision for a better Alabama

The State of Alabama has received international fame in recent years for all the wrong reasons. Corrupt leadership, pay to play politics, and entrenched...



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