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Alabama schools to finish year through distance learning

Kay Ivey, who had closed schools through April 5, said it became clear that schools cannot reopen yet.

Inside the Statehouse: Methodists have Dominated High Offices in Alabama History

Alabama's leading columnists discusses the respective faiths of our state's leaders.

Walt Maddox says railroad company has derailed talks

An Alabama mayor says a railroad is opposing a proposed site for a new Amtrak station, citing safety concerns.

Walt Maddox proposes penny tax for ‘Elevate Tuscaloosa’ project

Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox has proposed a one-cent sales tax to raise money for the Elevate Tuscaloosa initiative, ABC 3340 reports. Maddox believes this will shift...

Republican Kay Ivey trying to fight off Democrat Walt Maddox

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey, who was catapulted to the governor’s office last year by scandal, on Tuesday will seek to win the post in...

Ala. Gov: Kay Ivey touts experience, Walt Maddox the need for...

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey and challenger Walt Maddox agree the gubernatorial election is about choice. Ivey says the election is about keeping Alabama on the...

Walt Maddox wants to increase voter participation by automatic voter registration,...

Tuscaloosa Mayor and Democratic candidate for Governor Walt Maddox has announced a new plan to help increase voter participation across the Yellowhammer State: he...

Ivey should support a state lottery, then play it: she’s one...

The fact is Kay Ivey likely would not have been touchable at all this election cycle by anyone in the state; her popularity is just that...

Walt Maddox wants Kay Ivey to release medical records, suggests cover-up

Alabama gubernatorial challenger Walt Maddox is asking Governor Kay Ivey to release more information on her 2015 hospitalization, including if her office told the...

In governor’s race, issues of age, health and forthrightness

Gubernatorial challenger Walt Maddox’s introductory television ad aimed to convey crucial details to voters. He described rebuilding tornado-ravaged Tuscaloosa as the city’s mayor and...



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