Marco Rubio new TV ad focuses on his father and the American Dream


Marco Rubio’s basic stump speech always features him speaking movingly about his father working hard as a bartender when he first moved to America to provide for his children, in an ode to the American Dream.

The Rubio campaign is now releasing a television ad featuring Rubio speaking about his father, called, “Bartender.” It’s scheduled to begin airing in Iowa on Thanksgiving and in New Hampshire starting next week.

“I remember the sounds of his keys jingling at the front door of our home, well past midnight as he returned from another long day at work,” Rubio says, in a speech taken from his announcement that he was running for president in Miami’s Freedom Towers last April.

“When I was younger, I didn’t fully appreciate all he did for us. But now, I more fully understand. You see, my father was grateful for the work he had, but that was not the life he wanted for his children. He wanted all the dreams he once had for himself to come true for us. He wanted all the doors that closed for him to open for me. So my father stood behind a small portable bar in the back of a room for all those years, so that I could stand behind this podium in front of this room and this nation. That journey from behind that bar to behind this podium, that’s the essence of the American Dream.”



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